‘Terry Rooney knowledge, experience, leadership, is right for Monroe’

To the Editor:

Please, please, please make sure to vote on Tuesday November 7, 2023, for our next First Selectman Mr. Terry Rooney. I have known Terry for many years and his is the type that rolls up his sleeves and forges straight ahead to get things done.

Terry is on the Town Council, Chairman of the Republican Vacancy Committee, Chairman of the EMS Building Committee and the Town Council Liaison to the Monroe Board of Police Commission.

Terry’s accomplishments are extensive on the Town Council he continues to vote to keep the budget increases to a minimum. Terry thrives to keep taxes and spending conservative serving on the Town Council. Terry as Chairman of the EMS Building Committee assembled a Building Committee with professional individuals to organize the Project objective to keep the project on time and within budget.

Terry ran the meetings with the owner, architect, committee members and EMS Individuals to minimize any interruptions to the daily activities of the facility.

It was a pleasure serving on the committee to see just what leadership skills he has. He organized and ran the meetings with a stern approach to not divert from the goal to reach substantial completion of the project within budget and on time. Terry demonstrated leadership, project management and excellent knowledge of the town operations.

Terry as the Chairman of the Republican Vacancy Committee strives to fill the boards and commissions with dedicated individuals that will provide the Town of Monroe with the most qualified individuals to benefit each position. Terry as the Town Council Liaison to the Police Commission makes sure the Police Department is funded properly and the budget is maintained.

Terry Rooney during my tenure as Police Commissioner and now Chairman has continually expressed concerns about safety in our community. One instance in particular was a traffic light the State wanted to remove at the corner of Pastors Walk and Route 25. The State had designated that the light be removed, and it created a safety outcry by the local community.

As the Police Commission is the local authority on Traffic Control Councilman Terry Rooney made it clear that the
light had to stay for the safety of the Pastors Walk Community and the route 25 Traffic. Mentioning the traffic that comes out of the local farmstand right there, he said removing the light will put our residences at risk and the farm stand out of business.

That fight for the light was brought to the attention of the State and not removed.

Issues big or small, when it comes to what’s important, Terry Rooney always cares and does everything, he can to protect the community, even though much goes not noticed or recognized.

The Town of Monroe, with Terry Rooney’s commitment and leadership will continue to bring the Town in a positive and conservative direction that will benefit all of Monroe and its residents.

Please, please, please vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 for the Town of Monroe’s next first selectman.

Thank You
Michael A. Vitello
Chairman, Board of Police Commission

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