Masuk student opposes budget cut for town schools

To the Editor:

As a student of Masuk High School I am very upset at seeing the 1.1 million dollar cut of education budget. Education is a very important part of our society and we need to be able to educate the youth for their future lives.

For example, Masuk has a very limited amount of core AP classes (History, Math, Science, etc.) and some more funding could have made more classes to round out the next generation of people. Classes like AP bio, AP European History, or AP Environmental Science could absolutely be helpful and fun for students.

I also thank you, Mr. Bittar, for writing a summary of the budget statement to make it more available to other people, so they won’t have to dig around on the Monroe CT website.

Best Regards,

Richard Ferrari

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  1. Is this a cut in the budget or a cut in the budget request?
    What matters is the difference between what was last
    year’s budget and what gets approved for this year.

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