Stepney resident opposes warehouse proposal on Route 111

To the Editor:

The P&Z Commission recently heard plans for 4 floor, self-storage facility that’s just over 100,000 square feet at the Noble gas/Town Line Plaza on Monroe Turnpike. Basically, it is a warehouse with partitions, not a commercial/retail use. The structure would remain standing if the business closed. Then what?

Per the zoning regulations, warehouses are not permitted in commercial zones. They are a permitted use in industrial zones.

The scale and height of the building are larger than a supermarket and would overwhelm neighboring properties. It is not compatible with the P&Z regulations or Plan of Conservation and Development.

P&Z Regulations: Section 1.3: Purpose:

“The purpose of these Regulations is to direct development in the Town of Monroe consistent with the Plan of Conservation and Development; to provide for the best use of land in the Town; to conserve and stabilize the value of property; to promote the health, safety and general welfare of its people and the general public; to protect the social and economic stability of all areas of the Town; to regulate the location, use, height and bulk of buildings and structures;” Town Charter: Chapter VI Section 9:

“The Plan of Conservation and Development shall be designed to promote with the greatest efficiency and economy the coordinated development of the municipality and the general welfare and prosperity of its people. The (P&Z) Commission shall make such regulations as necessary to promote and implement the goals and policies of the plan of development.”

Planned, coordinated development and the protection of property values is key to Monroe’s growth.

I strongly urge the Commissioners to reject this proposal.

Cathy Lindstrom

Stepney resident

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