‘Terry Rooney is the right individual for the job’

To the Editor,

Time to set the record straight. The average voter isn’t aware of how things work behind the scenes to keep the town running. One process that you might not be familiar with is that of a Vacancy Committee. The Republican Town Committee and the Democrat Town Committee both have Vacancy Committees that interview and recommend volunteers to be brought in front of the Town Council by the First Selectman for appointment to the different boards and commissions that run Monroe.

For as long as I’ve known Terry Rooney, he has been the Chairman of the Republican Vacancy Committee. This means many of the selfless volunteers that serve on boards and commissions for the Town of Monroe at one point were either recruited by or at least interviewed by Terry Rooney. To call Terry a permanent vacancy is simply a farce, he has spent most of his political career filling vacancies.

Terry is a motivator who not only works hard for Monroe but also encourages others to do the same. I’m confident that Terry will make a great First Selectman because of his time working as the Vacancy Chairman.

Terry not only put forward eager hard-working Republicans to positions, but has also put forth many Unaffiliated voters to fill positions, not because of party affiliation but because they were the right individual for the job. Terry Rooney is the right individual for the job. I hope you join me in casting your vote to support Terry Rooney on November 7th.

Ryan Condon

Chairman of the MRTC

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