‘Terry Rooney is the man to guide us into a wonderful future’

To The Editor,

I’m writing to express my support for First Selectman. First though, I’d like to congratulate all of the candidates, both Democrat and Republican, who have been compelled to serve whether new or seasoned, you have my utmost respect for taking on the challenge.

I moved to Monroe almost 20 years ago from Trumbull. I was not lucky enough to have kids in the Monroe school system, so my connection to my fellow Monrovians was limited. That changed a lot one night when Terry Rooney and myself had an in-depth conversation about service for the town.

That night at a First Selectman fundraiser, Terry asked me if I wanted to get involved in the town, he knew of my set of skills and thought I would be an asset to the Inland Wetlands Commission. Since my HS motto was “A Man for Others”, he awakened something in me that I was familiar with but completely out of practice. I was excited about this new opportunity. And I felt more connected.

Just a few months into my appointment, something huge came up in IWC, one of the biggest violations the state, let alone the town, had ever seen. Subsequently, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of IWC resigned from their positions. In a conversation with Terry shortly after, he requested that I put my hat in the ring and run for Chairman.

He expressed to me how confident he was in me to take on this challenge, to protect the town and its citizens, and to oversee a fair and reasonable resolution to the matter. After months and months of presiding over very long meetings and extra meetings and having to take phone calls during the day with town staff and lawyers, we came up with a win-win-win for the town.

Over the years, Terry and I have had many conversations about town matters. We have helped each other problem solve. He told me that he knows when to ask the professionals. He knows when he is in over his head and he reaches out to those he trusts that will advise him with honesty and intelligence.

He has told me that I am one of those people for him. It was an honor to hear that. To me, that is one of the things that makes Terry great for our town. He has the confidence to get the work done but he is also humble enough to know when women and men around him are wiser than he and expresses his confidence in them.

With motivation from that initial conversation with Terry Rooney, I really feel that I am a part of this town. I’ve served as chairman, vice-chairman, then as chairman again on the IWC for few years now. I have volunteered, raised tens of thousands of dollars, and donated demolition services for the new Wolfe’s Den Playground. I try to go to as many fundraisers in town as I can. I have helped the town problem solve on a number of occasions.

Most of all I have made a ton of friends along the way. Monroe is a town full of really good people, even the ones I don’t agree with. I have no doubt that Terry Rooney is the man to guide us into a wonderful future.

Keith Romano

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