‘Terry Rooney is Monroe’s tireless servant’

To the Editor,

On November 7, 2023, I humbly ask the voters of Monroe to select Terry Rooney as Monroe’s next First Selectman.  Over the last four years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Mr. Rooney as a Town Council colleague.  Over those four years, I have observed Terry’s devotion to the Town of Monroe and have been inspired by his service to the town.  Mr.  Rooney is the ideal candidate to be Monroe’s next First Selectman because he has been, and will continue to be, a tireless servant for the people and taxpayers of Monroe.

As a member of the Town Council, Terry is often asked to handle the most challenging and time-consuming projects our council is presented with.  Mr. Rooney is assigned those projects because he has a proven record of success that places the town and its taxpayers above all other interests.  This statement is supported by Mr. Rooney’s proven record of success with the completion of the newly renovated EMS Facility.  As John Brenna, Chairman of the EMS Commission, stated in his letter, “[a]s a member of this committee, working with Mr. Rooney, I experienced a person with demonstrated project management ability, excellent knowledge of town operations and strong interpersonal skills.”  I share and express the same sentiments as Mr. Brenna.

During the discussions concerning the purchase of the Saint Jude’s School property, Mr. Rooney asked probing questions during executive session and provided valuable knowledge and expertise regarding the conditions of the facility and the anticipated costs of renovations.  Mr. Rooney’s knowledge and expertise substantially added to the discussions and led to the purchase’s approval by the Town Council.

Often, members of the Town Council are asked to work as liaisons to other boards and commissions and provide those boards and commissions with guidance. Although a member of the Town Council is only a liaison, Town Council members can provide valuable insight to that board or commission.

During the Wolfe Park fields’ analysis and project, Mr. Rooney provided valuable insight to the Parks and Recreation administrative staff regarding the parameters of the project and the necessary costs associated with the project.  Mr. Rooney’s knowledge and expertise contributed to a properly budgeted project that responsibly spent taxpayer dollars.

Terry Rooney’s impact on Monroe is not limited to his role on Town Council. While Mr. Rooney always advocates for the people and taxpayers of Monroe during Town Council meetings, Mr. Rooney has had a positive impact on the Monroe community during his free time. Terry has personally brought investment into Monroe by proclaiming the great qualities of Monroe to interested business owners and investors.

Through Terry’s advocacy, many of Monroe’s businesses have new ownership , are investing in their buildings, and are growing.

Terry Rooney’s indomitable spirit and passion for the people of Monroe will serve him well as our next First Selectman. Mr. Rooney through his deeds has earned the voters of Monroe’s trust and should receive their vote on November 7, 2023.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Formichella,

Chairman of the Monroe Town Council

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