Finance board creates accounts for special education, emergencies

MONROE, CT —Board of Education Chairwoman Donna Lane wrote a letter on behalf of her board asking the Board of Finance to use a portion of the school district’s $323,000 surplus to restore one of three furlough days teachers, and members of other bargaining units, gave up to help the town in a budget year marked by uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

IPPI empowers support staff for special education

Audra Westphal, co-president of the Monroe Special Education Parent Teacher Association, shared how parents tell her their children hold it together in school all day with tremendous effort, only to come home and experience the “after school crash.” Read More

School board will return $434,000 to the town

Monroe public schools and the Board of Education worked with town officials to dig themselves out of a more than $1 million hole for their 2018-19 budget year, which was caused by unanticipated special education costs and a high number of claims in the district’s self-funded medical insurance plan. Read More