Stevens’ positive impact on student’s life will lead to a vote this November

To the Editor,

I wanted to preface this letter with this statement, most people will send in letters stating why they think their candidate is the best for Monroe, I won’t be doing that right away, instead I want to talk about the person directly.

Mr. Jerry Stevens is one of the best people I know. I’ve been a resident of Monroe my whole life, I went through k-12 in the Monroe School District and had a wonderful group of teachers that helped me through some difficult challenges in my learning.

Mr. Stevens although “just a woodshop teacher” had a different impact on my life. I was bullied through most of my schooling. I was picked on and very socially awkward. I had depression and anxiety because of this that’s lasted my whole life.

I was in some dark times before 7th-8th grade. No kid should have to go through that. I spent most of my time hiding from social events and just became a hermit. Mr. Stevens changed that, he pushed me to be less self conscious and live less in my head.

He would constantly tell me how cool things were that I was into at the time, or how I shouldn’t let people tear me down. He took it up on himself to help out a student he saw in crisis. He would give me a pass down to the Tech Ed room and work with me on my social skills.

He even helped me found the Lego Club, a club for people like me who didn’t have the social abilities most student had. Mr. Stevens saved my life. It sounds cliche, but without Mr. Stevens I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.

Mr. Stevens takes it up on himself to make sure every person who knows him is well cared for. I’ve never known someone like Jerry Stevens, he’s the kind of guy that will remember the littlest things about you and bring your spirits up with a quick joke.

I’m proud to have had Mr. Stevens as a teacher. Which is why I’ll be voting for Mr. Stevens in the election, a man who cares about this shy kid and did everything he could to help him out, is a man who will care for every resident. Mr. Stevens is the kind of guy who would personally take a call to hear your problems and work on a solution with you. Mr. Stevens is right for Monroe.

Thank you Mr. Stevens for all you’ve done for every kid that had you in the Monroe School system.

Ben Sabia

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