Stevens is fiscally conservative, with skills to get us more for our tax dollars

To the Editor,

As a long time Monroe resident, I am writing to share my thoughts on the upcoming first selectman election. I rarely involve myself in politics, as I often find the commentary derisive and pointed towards manipulating people into emotional decisions. Rarely do we find ourselves with candidates that set themselves apart by their character and ability to produce optimal results.

I’m a recruiter, and a couple years ago I spoke with a candidate who had been a Tech Ed teacher for most of his career. I asked him if he knew Mr. Stevens. He enthusiastically told me that Jerry Stevens was the leader of a group of Tech Ed teachers he had been involved with who had been instrumental in working with the state legislature to obtain grants for their programs all over the state, including Monroe, for many years.

He couldn’t speak highly enough about Jerry as a man and as a powerful advocate within the political arena. Although Jerry is running on the Democratic ticket, he is fiscally conservative and equipped with the skills to get us more for our tax dollars. I’m excited we have someone with this much experience running for our selectman and I hope he gets the opportunity to represent us.

Many of us have enjoyed seeing Terry Rooney out on the town, myself included. He’s a nice guy and can be a lot of fun. Is that, however, the primary criteria we should consider when choosing someone to represent us in the state legislature? Terry is always eager to talk about how much he is doing for us on the Town Council, but a fellow member recently told me he’s attended very few meetings this year. To get things done, one must show up.

I’m working with my 13-year-old right now on learning to make responsible decisions, separating facts from emotions and affiliations so we can make the decisions that will net us the best long-term outcomes. I urge my fellow Monrovians to weigh these considerations when voting on November 7th.

Rebecca Seidel

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