Stevens can bring effective leadership to the office of first selectman

To the Editor,

As an almost 30 year elected member of the Monroe Town Council, I’ve served under every First Selectman since Monroe changed from a Town Manager to its current system. It’s been a wonderful run and I’m forever thankful to our residents for giving me the privilege of serving.

I’ve been able to witness first hand many types of leadership, some more effective than others to be sure, but the things   all successful First Selectmen have brought to the table is the ability to cross party lines, listen, and act for the greater good.

This November Monroe has the opportunity to again bring effective leadership by electing Jerry Stevens to the First Selectman position. Jerry has a proven track record as a man who can cross party lines, can listen to his constituents,  and can act in a principled manner.

Many letters during this election time tout their candidates value and I guess mine could be viewed as no different. But, there is a difference. Because I’ve worked with past leaders and current candidates, up close and personal, and feel after all these years I understand and recognize true leadership.

Such a big part of it is showing up, putting in the time, attending those meetings and letting Monroe know you’re available. It doesn’t mean cruel partisan comments, blowing off budget meetings and failing to lead a committee you are elected to.

Again, my thanks to Monroe voters, see you at the polls!

Dee Dee Martin

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  1. Great advice from a credible, knowledgeable source, Dee Dee Martin, on whom to select to lead our town. Thanks for sharing.

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