Shopping Center at 447 Monroe Turnpike sold for $4.4 million in December

Parkway Plaza Inc. sold the shopping center at 447 Monroe Turnpike to Dania Property Invest. Co. for $4.4 million on Dec. 6. Field Card Photo

MONROE, CT — The following property transfers were filed in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office for the month of December in 2021.

Sheila Sportini sold her home at 194 Cross Hill Road to Marcio Luciano Silva for $340,000 on Dec. 1, 2021.

Laurie Moretti sold 104 Maplewood Drive to Christina E. and Joseph A. Pantaleo for $390,000 on Dec. 1.

The R. Harmonay Family Trust and Richard M. Harmonay Jr. trustee sold a condo at 214B Windgate Circle to Book Automation Inc. for $240,000 on Dec. 1.

Sunshine Residencees LLC sold 73 Israel Hill Road to Subhabrata Bhattacharjee for $779,421 on Dec. 1.

The Estate of Beryl Beaumont sold 14 Pine Tree Road to Anthony Mason for $186,000 on Dec. 1.

The Dona-Lyn Wales Revocable Trust Dona-Lyn Wales trustee sold a condo at 55 Highland Drive to Angelina B. Valentino for $230,000 on Dec. 1.

Sara B. Wernau transferred ownership of 39 Bridge Road to Susan B.Wernau, Wernau, Sara B.Wernau and Peter J.Shomsky on Dec. 2.

Matthew V. Pompa sold his condo at 207 Windgate Circle, Unit E, to Victoria Dewitt for $210,000 on Dec. 3.

Elizabeth Nargiso sold 10 Wrabel Circle to Caitlin Gerry for $359,500 on Dec. 6.

Patricia Mcauley and Robert Hammond sold 3 Highland Drive to Lisa Cook-Dietter for $253,900 on Dec. 6.

John F. and Anne M. Bath sold their home at 100 Greenwood Lane to Dzemal and Seftek Ganic for $439,000 on Dec. 6.

John D. MacFarlane sold 30 Gerardo Drive to Toni Michelle King and Anthony Carl Kegyes for $550,000 on Dec. 6.

Moses Singer sold 37 Turkey Roost Road to Melissa Malley-Alves and Alfred Mally for $395,000 on Dec. 6.

Alexander and Sophie Albuquerque sold 59 Senior Drive to Sophie Nemergut for $145,000 on Dec. 6.

Parkway Plaza Inc. and Bruce Minoff sold the shopping center at 447 Monroe Turnpike to Dania Property Invest. Co. and Olga Cherkasova for $4.4 million on Dec. 6.

Frederick A. and Cheryl D. Aubrey transferred ownership of 64 Georges Lane to Cheryl D. Aubrey trustee and the Cheryl Danks Aubrey Revocable Trust on Dec. 6.

Joan and Peter Vangeldern sold 23 Knollwood Street to Douglas J. Norment for $499,000 on Dec. 6.

Diego Paredes transferred ownership of 191 Cottage Street to DSP Construction LLC on Dec. 7.

Davi G. and Loren Z. Pace sold 94 Georges Lane to Duarte and Alexandra Mendonca for $543,000 on Dec. 7.

Roy E. and Gregory L. Steiner transferred property at 395 Monroe Turnpike to Interstate Business Center LLC on Dec. 7.

Robert K. and Paulette A. Hansen sold 31 Pine Tree Road to Phurba Sherpa for $450,000 on Dec. 8.

CT Houses LLC sold 110 Elm Street to Peter Joseph Perimenis and Maria Jose Amaya Grote for $600,000 on Dec. 8.

Joseph Lasko transferred ownership of 31 Hawthorne Drive to Joseph Lasko III on Dec. 8.

Michelle Benedetto transferred ownership of 25 Stillmeadow Circle to the M. Benedetto Revocable Living Trust on Dec. 9.

Melissa Bernfield sold her condo at 10 Echowoods Circle, Unit 524C, to Judith A. Rodriguez for $310,000 on Dec. 9.

Gregory E. and Natalie L. Jackson sold 309 Turkey Roost Road to Kimberly Meachen for $440,000 on Dec. 9.

Angel Pina sold 220 Webb Circle to Clark Gingras for $379,000 on Dec. 10.

Mary Perlman sold 99 Old Colony Road to Deemah Kafarah for $464,800 on Dec. 10.

Maureen Silveira trustee and the Richard P. Haigh Sr. Trust sold 58 Pastors Walk to Darryl Gardner for $365,000 on Dec. 13.

Kimberly A. Meachen sold 29 Sherman Circle to Christine Carlucci for $329,000 on Dec. 13.

Rinaldo G. Sogliuzzi transferred ownership of 97 Fan Hill Road to Rinaldo Sogliuzzi on Dec. 13.

Karin Jeffery sold 45 Hubbell Drive to Ben and Alexis Ephie for $689,000 on Dec. 14.

Nicole Lieto transferred ownership of 528 Moose Hill Road Nicole and Francis Lieto on Dec. 14.

David P. Steeves transferred ownership of 17 Jeannette Street to Marracorp Comm’l Holdings LLC on Dec. 14.

Douglas A. Steeves transferred property at 588 Monroe Turnpike and 17 Jeannette Street to Marracorp Comm’l Holdings LLC on Dec. 14.

Christine Demaio transferred ownership of her condo at 69 Hidden Knolls Circle to Rosemary Dial, Daniel Demaio and Frank Demaio on Dec. 14.

Linda Callahan transferred ownership of 69 Cottage Street to the Town of Monroe on Dec. 15.

Webb Remodeling LLC sold land at 170 Purdy Hill Road to Lea Paoletti for $35,000 on Dec. 15.

Teresa Asija sold her condo at 4 Rolling Ridge Road, Unit 4, to Michael Lucas for $345,000 on Dec. 16.

Alberto Pereira and Guilherme Rabelo sold 885 Main Street to Barry G. Hyvarinen and William Calovine for $405,000.

Robert J. Bryan Jr. and Emily Debacher sold 54 Pastors Walk to Timothy Faiella for $325,000 on Dec. 17.

Min Young and Elizabeth A. Lee transferred 109 Greenwood Lane to Elizabeth A. Lee on Dec. 20.

Lisa Yencik trustee and the Nancy Dama Dadabo Irrevocable Trust transferred ownership of a condo at 26 Deepwood Circle, Unit 314-J2, to Lisa Yencik for $1 on Dec. 20.

Kurt S. England transferred 61 Blake Road to the Kurt S. & Melissa A. England Trust on Dec. 20.

Edward A. Oakley and Susan E. Weidle transferred their condo at 6 Echowoods Circle Unit 525B to the Edward A. Oakley Trust and the Susan E. Weidle Living Trust on Dec. 20.

The Estate of Raymond F. Laluna sold 246 Church Street  to James Teixeira for $75,000 on Dec. 20.

John H. Carter and Geraldine Pryer-Carter sold 83 Benedict Road to Charles Walker and Deborah L. Strange for $593,000 on Dec. 21.

Elizabeth A. Vernon sold her condo at 206F Windgate Circle to Sara E. Lombard for $208,000 on Dec. 21.

The Estate of Barbara M. Fisher sold 386-388 Moose Hill Road to LTS Properties LLC for $360,000 on Dec. 21.

Toni King and Anthony Kegyes sold 289 Fan Hill Road to Krystal N. Ramalho for $355,000 on Dec. 21.

Jane E. Ferro sold 74 Harmony Lane to Michael and Aksana Baranov for $642,000 on Dec. 22.

John Meyerle transferred 5 Academy Lane to Bonnie Meyerle on Dec. 22.

Roy E. Steiner, Gregory L. Steiner, Interstate Business Center LLC, the Roy E. Steiner 2014 Family Trust, the Gregory L. Steiner Family Trust, Gregory L. Steiner, Jessie Y. Steiner, Christian Steiner and Michelle Steiner Wood transferred 395 Monroe Turnpike to Steiner Inc., Interstate Business Center LLC, the Roy E. Steiner 2014 Family Trust and Gregory L. Steiner on Dec. 22.

The Estate of Monica A. Poulin sold 28 Stony Brook Drive to Luis A. Gordon Jr. and Amanda L. Texeira-Gordon for $328,000 on Dec. 23.

Robert P. and Alexandra L. Sparzo sold 119 Bart Road to Robert Sodano for $600,000 on Dec. 23.

Roger C. Agatston sold 97 Main St. to 97 Main St. Monroe LLC and Michael Colohan for $300,000 on Dec. 28.

Judith Kaechele sold her condo at 208E Windgate Circle to Laura Anne Obuchowski for $185,000 on Dec. 28.

Mario and Sulastri Triantini Romano sold 27 Patmar Terrace to Laura B. Espinal and Yunior A. Espinal Rosario for $380,000 on Dec. 30.

Kenneth and Priscilla G. Twombly sold land at 269 Purdy Hill Road to Sound II Home Builders LLC for $950,000 on Dec. 31.

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