Fraud alert system to protect Monroe land owners from property scams

This house at 9 Birdseye Road was the biggest real estate transaction in Monroe last month.

MONROE, CT — Real estate scams, in which someone impersonates an owner of a vacant property to sell it, are on the rise in Connecticut. In one infamous case, a South-Africa-based con artist sold a Long Island man’s property on Sky Top Terrace in Fairfield out from under him — and he did not find out until the buyer, who bought the land for $350,000, started construction for a $1.5 million house.

On Monday, the Monroe Town Council took a step to protect property owners by agreeing to purchase a Property Fraud Alert system from Avenu Enterprise Solutions LLC for the Town Clerk’s Office for $3,000.

“We do need this,” Town Clerk Vida Stone said. “Most people know what happened in Fairfield. This is available and it’s user friendly. It’s necessary.”

In a letter to First Selectman Terry Rooney, Stone said the alert system is a tool to help residents protect their assets.

“This new tool is easy to use and will help the residents have peace of mind when it comes to their assets,” she wrote.

Avenu is a current vendor of the town. The system, which is free to residents, alerts registered users via email of any new transactions regarding their property, such as a mortgage or a quit claim deed.

Rooney praised Stone for negotiating the agreement, which received a favorable legal opinion from Town Attorney Frank Lieto and was also recommended for a Council vote by its Legislative & Administrative Committee.

“This is part of a step of cybersecurity initiatives,” Rooney told the Council. “It provides the Town Clerk’s office with software … a property fraud alert system can be installed overnight.”

“A lot of constituents reached out after what happened in Fairfield,” Councilman Jason Maur said. “For such a low cost, this is something vital to our town. Thank you to our town clerk for negotiating a solution.”

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      • Thanks Bill – my home (not for sale) recently appeared on a MLS listing. I am waiting for it to be removed from all MLS participating agency’s lists. In those listings, it is now listed as pending. So according to some MLS listings, a sale is in process. Two other properties (1 & 4) on Ripton Ridge were also listed. These properties do not exist. There seems to be some confusion between Ripton Ridge and The Ridge. I have been assured by some MLS agencies that it will be fixed. But, I feel more secure now that this new tool is available.

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