Scott committed to ending Hartford’s tax-and-spend agenda

To the Editor:

First and foremost, we express our profound gratitude to State Representative J.P. Sredzinski for all of his years of service to the Town of Monroe, its taxpayers, and residents. Representative Sredzinski’s tireless advocacy for the people of Monroe and Newtown should serve as an inspiration to every elected official in Monroe.

We, the members of the Monroe Republican Town Committee, write this letter to endorse Town Councilman Tony Scott for State Representative.

The Town of Monroe has established a reputation for fiscal responsibility and accountability while providing outstanding town services to our residents.

Unfortunately, Connecticut’s State Legislature, for far too long, has eroded our state’s ability to economically compete with our sister states. Connecticut’s abysmal fiscal health is increasingly alarming and the Land of Steady Habits has adopted the habit of taxing its citizens and businesses into oblivion.

As the State Legislature contemplates new and oppressive tax policies, our children, parents, grandparents, and friends move to more economically competitive states. These oppressive taxing policies need to end.

The residents and taxpayers of Monroe require a State Representative that promotes fiscal responsibility and accountability above the demands of special interest groups. There is no doubt that Tony Scott is the right candidate to promote Monroe’s legacy of fiscal discipline and accountability.

Councilmember Scott, as the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee, has expertly guided the subcommittee to endorse taxpayer-friendly investments in Monroe’s infrastructure, parks, schools, emergency medical services, library, and police department. Mr. Scott’s leadership is sorely needed in Hartford to combat the ever-increasing tax burden on Connecticut’s residents and businesses.

A Monroe resident could ask him or herself, “What impact does the State Legislature have on the Town of Monroe’s annual expenses?” The answer to that question became clear during this year’s budget workshops.

During discussions over the expenses of the Human Resources Department, a councilmember inquired as to the thousands of dollars increase to the loss control line in the budget.

Monroe’s Director of Human Resources revealed that the thousands of dollars increase was directly related to the Police Accountability Bill’s unfunded mandates passed last year. Monroe’s residents and businesses need an advocate that will stand against all unfunded mandates.

We are confident that Mr. Scott will stand against unfunded mandates.  Although Councilmember Scott’s opponent, Mr. Kapoor, has promised that he “will continue to advocate for improving our educational systems and to eliminate unnecessary unfunded mandates to our local boards of education,” he seems disinterested in fighting against unfunded mandates on municipalities unrelated to educational expenses.

Does Mr. Kapoor support the Police Accountability Bill and its unfunded mandates passed last year by the Democrat controlled State Legislature?  When asked whether Mr. Kapoor supports the Police Accountability Bill, Mr. Kapoor said was that the bill “was flawed when passed” and provided a link to a news article.

This statement was unconvincing and should not provide any resident of Monroe or Newtown with any level of comfort that Mr. Kapoor will fight against unfunded mandates. The people of Monroe and Newtown deserve to know exactly where Mr. Kapoor stands on this issue. Does Mr. Kapoor support the bill or would he vote to repeal the legislation?

Mr. Kapoor’s lackluster statement about how the Police Accountability Bill is “flawed” is unconvincing because of his conduct and reputation for advocating for increased taxes at the municipal level.

Additionally, Mr. Kapoor is a member of the leadership team of the Monroe CT Democrats whose social media account shared a post seemingly endorsing the Police Accountability Bill.

Last year, the Monroe CT Democrats Facebook page shared a post by the Fairfield Democrats which attempts to dispel myths about the Police Accountability Bill. However, this post endorses the unfunded mandates imposed by the bill in its attempt to dispel fears about the legislation.

It states, “Fact: The municipality will need to pay the liability insurance.” Not only will the municipality have to purchase liability insurance, but the municipality will have to pay for all the testing required by the bill.

Was Mr. Kapoor an administrator on the Monroe CT Democrats Facebook page when this post was shared? Monroe needs a State Representative that will fight to end all unfunded mandates and eliminate those expenses passed onto Monroe’s taxpayers. Councilmember Scott is the only candidate committed to ending Hartford’s tax-and-spend agenda.


The Monroe Republican Town Committee

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