Rooney shows work ethic, knowledge, experience, a genuine care for Monroe

To the Editor,

My name is David Orr and I have been a resident of Monroe for over 11 years. I’d like to share my experience in working with Terry Rooney on the EMS building construction project, located at 54 Jockey Hollow Road.

In 2021, Terry Rooney, the EMS Building Committee Chairman, asked that I join the committee and provide input from a public safety perspective, drawing on my 23 years of experience as a first responder and police officer. I gladly obliged and joined the group as the committee secretary.

Throughout my time with the committee I observed that Terry was consistently diligent, conscientious, and thoughtful in how he directed the project.

The committee, formed by Ken Kellogg and the legislative Town Council, where Terry serves, was comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines, each having valuable insight relating to the project. With a wide scope of experience and knowledge to draw from, the committee was able to readily and thoroughly address issues that arose during the project.

Terry remained detail-oriented and exacting throughout the entire process. Many of the committee meetings were hours-long, with special attention being directed towards cost containment in light of significant material cost escalation, and to motivate contractors to stay on task and meet scheduling intervals.

Terry had a clear sense of responsibility throughout the project, never missing an opportunity to remind the committee, contractors, and vendors that the money being spent came directly from the pockets of Monroe taxpayers, and that our residents and business owners deserved the best result at the most affordable price possible.

Terry’s consideration of the Monroe taxpayer was at the center of the project and it showed in the way he carefully and tirelessly worked until it was completed.

Having witnessed Terry Rooney’s work ethic, knowledge, experience, and genuine care for the Town of Monroe, I have the utmost confidence in his ability to lead this town. As an unaffiliated voter, I support the candidate who I believe is best for the job, regardless of party affiliation. This November the choice is clear, my vote for First Selectman of the Town of Monroe will be for Terry Rooney.


David Orr

Monroe resident

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