‘Rooney is a true leader, a team builder, and will make a great first selectman’

To the Editor,

I am a 19 year old lifelong Monroe resident and a first year student at Quinnipiac University. I went through the Monroe public school system from Stepney Elementary School to Jockey Hollow Middle School and graduated from Masuk High School in June of this year. I am also an athlete that participated in many of Monroe’s youth sports programs such as Monroe AYSO, Monroe Soccer Club, Monroe Little League, and Monroe Lacrosse Association. I was fortunate to play varsity Lacrosse and varsity Hockey at Masuk High School.

One of my first memories of a youth sports team experience and of a coach was when I was eight years old and played soccer in Monroe AYSO. Terry Rooney was our coach and I remember he made everyone feel we are all part of a team. Mr. Rooney created a fun atmosphere while continuing to develop our soccer skills before trying out for travel soccer the following season. Mr Rooney would take us all out to Dairy Queen after games and built a strong camaraderie within the team.

Besides being my coach, I have been on vacation with Mr. Rooney and his family twice to Martha’s vineyard. I had the best time on those trips and Mr. Rooney made the best lobster rolls I ever had! Although I did not play soccer in high school, Mr. Rooney always encouraged me and he attended many of my hockey games. He came to the state semifinal and final for the Masuk high school team where we won the CIAC boy’s hockey Division 3 State Championship for the first time!

As I grew older and continued to spend time with him, I could see the love that Mr. Rooney has for our town. In my experience Mr. Rooney is a true leader, a team builder, and will make a great First Selectman. I know Mr. Rooney will be there for me in the future and he will have my vote on November 7th.

Please support Terry Rooney for Monroe First Selectman on November 7th.

Kyle Sutfin

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