Rooney is ‘a selfless man who wears his heart on his sleeve.’

To the Editor:

I met Terry Rooney about four years ago, after moving to the area. Since the first day of meeting Terry, I could see the passion he holds for his family, friends and his community. The passion this man has when he has a goal, burns like fire. The commitment I’ve observed over the years is one I haven’t seen before.

As a woman in business, Terry has supported me in many endeavors. I can honestly say, “Terry is the first person I’ve met in my life, that never wanted anything from me, only to support me.”

I have personally had the opportunity to work with Terry on several projects and charities. One being the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, in the center of town. The church had a few tree limbs fall on the roof, compromising the shingles and some sheathing. With Terrys assistance, I was able to place an insurance claim for the church and successfully had the full roof paid for.

Terry, as you may know, owns a very successful roofing and siding company. Once the claim was settled, Terry had his crews on the roof, and had the project wrapped up, within a day.

If it’s not something going on in the community that Terry is involved with, it’s soccer games for his son, quality time with his family and friends, or charities.

In the short time I’ve known Terry, we’ve worked together and have sponsored many charities. One being the, Friends of Jimmy Miller, I’m unsure if you’re aware, this charity was organized to raise funds for orphanages in New Haven. A beautiful cause, which Terry arranged and put together for over 1,000 attendees. This organization has raised millions of dollars over the years and has supported a very great cause.

Another charity he recently supported was, The Fallen Firefighters of Bridgeport, the countless acts this man does, that all go unseen, is amazing. To have the opportunity to stand by this man’s side and to know the passion he has, the drive to help and give, is an honor. In my opinion, “If you’re not a fan of Terry, the issue has to stem from you, within.”

Terry has had a major impact on my life, as I’m sure he has on many other lives. This is a selfless man who wears his heart on his sleeve. I can’t thank him enough for all his support and all he’s taught me.


Felicia Cooper

Robinhood Adjusters

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  1. What does “If you’re not a fan of Terry, the issue has to stem from you, within.” mean? If I’m not a fan of him because (in the debate) he couldn’t commit to putting a pride flag up, and admitted to not knowing our neighboring town’s tax rates, and then the mailers his campaign sent out that were incoherent, then I think it’s him and the campaign, not me.

  2. When I needed a new roof Mr. Rooney looked at it from the driveway and did not need to see it from my backyard. Even after I had implored him to look at the chimney with me and offered a ladder (since he doesn’t bring one). Comparatively the quote was exorbitant enough to cover significant repairs that may have been needed, with adequate profit.
    This was my first personal association with this candidate, and his actions since then have only confirmed my subsequent assessment of his true character.

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