Questioning Rooney’s social media post on inclusivity

To the Editor:

About a year and a half ago, Mr. Rooney, the Republican candidate running for First Selectman, was selling his house in Monroe. On April 27, he went on a Facebook tirade that he would never sell his house to a New York Democrat. Mr. Rooney said, “The final straw was a New York Democrat wanted my home and there is no way I’m selling to that progressive mentality. You ruined New York, stay there.” ‘

We all call Monroe home and have for many decades. But before we moved here, we were New York Democrats. We are appalled that Mr. Rooney would use such incendiary language in a public social media post.

Our question for Mr. Rooney is, what other groups of people would you like to exclude from Monroe? How can a person with this attitude fairly represent and work for everyone in our town?

At the Chamber debate, Mr. Rooney refused to answer a question about raising the Pride flag as we have done in Monroe for the past four years. We should be inclusive of all people in our town regardless of party affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other trait – but that does not seem to be Mr. Rooney’s stance.

If you do not fit into Mr. Rooney’s select group, think about who you are going to vote for on November 7. Jerry Stevens will represent all of us as he has done on the Board of Education and as a 34-year teacher in his hometown of Monroe.

Sue Koneff, Jim Martinez, Pat Tomchik
Monroe Residents
“Proud New York Democrats”


  1. Rooney also said “this is a Republican town and we are going to keep it that way”. Terry Rooney is NOT “for Monroe”. He is for far right leaning conservatives of Monroe.

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