‘Only Jerry … presented a solid plan on a vision to moving Monroe forward’

To the Editor:

When deciding on who I am going to vote for in any election, I like to take the time to talk with and listen to the candidates throughout the entire campaign process before making a decision. I am not and have never been a party line voter. If you look back over my six years on Council, you will see I have rarely issued an endorsement, and when I have, I have for both sides of the aisle.

After listening to both the debate and job interviews, as well as talking to the candidates directly and hearing their plans for the future of the Town of Monroe, I feel the best thing I can do for this town is to officially endorse Jerry Stevens for Monroe for our next Selectman.

Of the two candidates, only Jerry has publicly presented a solid plan on a vision to moving Monroe forward. I agree with his proposals on how to open up avenues of communication and transparency with the people we are representing, as well as his realistic approach to smart development, not just any development in town. He has an understanding of the challenges Monroe faces when it comes to keeping taxes under control while also providing additional services for all of the constituents.

Further, Jerry has shown a willingness, if elected, to work for all of the people in this town, not just those who are “nice” to him. I know, similar to my past six years of working well with Selectman Kellogg, that even when Jerry and I disagree on something, he will both listen to my ideas, consider them, come prepared with logic and reason behind his own ideas, and move forward, after careful though and consideration, with what he believes is best for all of Monroe.

When it comes to Monroe, like myself, Jerry has been a part of its past, is part of its present, and has a vision for its future. Jerry will show up for Monroe. His education, experience, and passion will serve us all well.

Please, do your research, listen closely to what the candidates are saying, as well as what they are failing to or refusing to say, and when it comes time to vote, vote for the candidate that you believe is truly best for the future of Monroe. I can honestly say that in my humble opinion, that person is Jerry Stevens.

Lifelong Monroe Resident
Jason Maur

Editor’s Note: Jason Maur is a Democrat seeking reelection to the Town Council.

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