‘Monroe will be in good hands with Terry Rooney’

To the Editor,

I am writing to share a unique perspective that I have on one of our first selectman candidates, Mr. Terry Rooney. I have known Terry since I was about 11-12 years old. My mother and father owned and operated a small store in the Hollow area that “Officer Terry”, as he was known then, patrolled as a police officer for the City of Bridgeport.

He was unique in his approach to community relations, not just patrolling the neighborhood but stopping by and talking to the business owners and residents of the area. He had real conversations with people, listening to their concerns and answering questions as best he could. He took his job very seriously and showed how much he cared about our community.

He and my father became good friends and Terry became something of a familial figure to me and my brother. He gave us advice and tips on how to protect ourselves. He helped my father make better choices with security around the store and even helped my brother get his first job. Even after Terry retired and moved on, our family still kept in touch. To this day, I consider him part of my family.

When we needed him, Terry was there to help out. When we reached a milestone, Terry was there to celebrate with us. When my father died, Terry was there to mourn with us. When we moved to Monroe, Terry was there to welcome us.

I support Terry Rooney because he has always been there for my family and now I want to be there for him. I know what a goodhearted, supportive, protective and caring person he really is. I know he loves his family and his community passionately.

Just like us, when Monroe needs Terry, he will be there for his hometown.  His natural leadership skills, knowledge of Monroe and experience with the community in general will serve him and Monroe well. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Monroe will be in good hands with Terry Rooney.


Sincerely and Fondly,

Rosa Ferreira 

Monroe Resident

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