LETTER: When Residents Want to Know More, Jerry and the Dems Show Up

To the Editor:

Since rumblings about the purchase of St. Jude Parish Center began, Monroe residents have voiced many opinions, chief among them the desire for more information regarding that expenditure. Jerry Stevens heard the townspeople loud and clear, and he has attended each Town Council and Board of Finance meeting where the issue was on the agenda. Terry Rooney only attended a single Town Council meeting, something he already held a civic duty to fulfill as a Town Councilman.

The Town Council considered the real estate purchase at the Oct. 10 Town Council meeting. Town Councilman Jason Maur expressed his desire to give residents more time to ask questions of the council through public meetings. Terry Rooney did not participate in this discussion.

During public participation for the Oct. 10 meeting, Board of Finance member Steve Kirsh also expressed his desire to give the public more time to ask questions, tour the property, and review the proposal.

Despite this call for resident input, the Town Council moved to schedule a vote for October 23rd to authorize the St. Jude acquisition and funding.

The Board of Finance had previously held a special meeting on Oct. 4 to discuss how to fund this and other capital projects. A second special meeting was held on Oct. 11 to authorize the $3,000,000 fund balance appropriation for the purchase and initial renovation of St. Jude’s.

Jerry attended all of these meetings, understanding that the people of Monroe want to know more about this project. He also heard First Selectman Ken Kellogg state that this project would be inherited by the next first selectman, especially since the purchase likely will not be finalized until early 2024. Terry did not attend either Board of Finance meeting.

Jerry has maintained that openness with Monroe’s citizens that is paramount to an effective and responsive local government. By showing up to these key meetings with other party members, his actions back-up his statements.

Samantha Spino

Editor’s note: Spino is a member of the Board of Finance running for re-election.

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