Letter: ‘I’m voting for Jayme Stevenson, she sees me.’

To the Editor,

I remember when Jim Himes came to our cities and urban centers running for Congress. He was a promising young candidate that spoke fluent Spanish and had my support. He was the guy that would serve all the people, minority groups and protect the vulnerable.

Since then, Jim doesn’t really return to our urban centers. He doesn’t see the crime and gun violence in our neighborhoods. He doesn’t see our kids going to school after a family member or neighbor has been shot or killed in front of their home. He doesn’t see the drug overdoses on our streets. He doesn’t see the homeless gathering for a hot meal. He doesn’t see seniors and disabled trapped in federally funded housing — trapped because buildings are crumbling with elevators so old they break down.

I see Jim. I see Jim on YahooNews talking about Crypto Currency. I see Jim on MSNBC. I see Jim in Washington, and occasionally I see Jim on a bike. He forgot his promises, the people in Connecticut and our cities.  He forgot our vulnerable communities, minorities, children, mothers, disabled and seniors.

It’s time for Connecticut to see a new face in Congress.

Jayme Stevenson sees me. Jayme sees our struggles, hears our voices. Jayme has been serving our communities quietly and steadily without fanfare. Jayme serves children and families with LifeBridge, drug recovery with Liberation Programs, and emergency first responders with Stamford EMS.

Jayme knows our urban centers, cares for our children, sees our victims of violence and their mothers, knows the impact of overdoses in our families and communities, visits our crumbling housing, and knows that we all deserve better. Jayme sees the village of people in our urban centers — hopeful and filled with potential.

I’m voting for Jayme Stevenson, she sees me.


Lissette Colón


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