Letter: Help Monroe’s Republicans keep working for you

To the Editor:

Monroe’s municipal election is next week and something’s amiss.

As I review the Monroe Sun articles attempting to put my finger on just what’s missing, I see articles about our successful schools and improving economic development and then realize what’s missing are the First Selectman’s debates!

No Democrat challenger to First Selectman Ken Kellogg for yet another two years.

As a matter of fact there’s no Democrat challenging the Tax Collector, Town Clerk or Treasurer either.

Could it be that the elected Republicans leading Monroe are doing their jobs and making the Town of Monroe safer, more fiscally responsible and a better place for all her citizens to live and raise their families?

For my part as Treasurer I hope the answer is a resounding YES!

I hope that Monroe voters see that as a whole, Monroe is better off today than two years ago and gets out to vote for First Selectman Ken Kellogg and the entire Republican team next Tuesday. I believe that we’ve earned your vote. I believe we will continue to earn your vote.

Under Ken’s leadership all of our Boards and Commissions led by Republicans and joined by Democrats have voted unanimously over 90% of the time.

First Selectman Kellogg has focused on, and succeeded in keeping Monroe residents safe during an unprecedented, worldwide pandemic.

As we near the end of these troubled days (I hope) the Republicans leading Monroe have worked to position our town for a brighter future.

Monroe is already seeing new development from Fortune 500 companies which will improve our tax base and provide jobs and services for ALL Monroe residents.

Our schools are some of the best in Connecticut. Our Republican led Board of Education, Board of Finance and Town Council have all worked tirelessly along side First Selectman Kellogg so are schools remain safe, highly ranked and well-funded.

Our Parks are amongst the best in Fairfield County. Throughout the pandemic our parks remained accessible so residents had an outlet for outdoor activities.

Our volunteer emergency services continue to thrive and answer the call in caring for Monroe residents. Their needs are financially supported by the Republican leadership of Monroe. Our volunteer EMS building expansion project is finally under way thanks to the efforts of many town volunteers.

Here in Monroe we have a few paid elected officials, but the vast majority are unpaid volunteers.

The Republicans serving Monroe have been working for you, ALL of you.

Please get out on November 2 and cast your ballot for ALL of Monroe Republicans who are working to make Monroe a better place for all her residents to live.

Thank You

Patrick O’Hara

Town Treasurer

Monroe resident since 1964

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