Letter: Democrats tout slate before Election Day

To the Editor:

The Monroe Democratic Town Committee believes that education is a righteous pathway for students to become engaged citizens of our economy and democracy. We also believe in smart economic development, sensible and business-friendly zoning regulations, and improving our town’s infrastructure to compete for homeowners and businesses up and down our commercial corridors.

We offer the voters a slate of candidates well qualified in their fields. For the Board of Education, a special education expert, a retired 35-year Monroe teacher, and an engaged parent and community member. For the Board of Finance, a 45-year veteran of GE, and a CPA at a national accounting firm. For Planning & Zoning, a current Inland Wetlands Commissioner and advocate for smart planning in Monroe. For the Town Council, two incumbents who have fought for our town, a former Board of Education member, and two newcomers who bring fresh eyes to the problems our town is facing.

Our qualified and intelligent slate of candidates will allow checks and balances that are sorely needed to running efficient and effective government. We ask for your vote tomorrow to 12-year one party rule and restore balance to our town.

Monroe DTC Executive Board

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  1. Sorry but there is no planning on planning and zoning. The POCD lacks vision with no path the accomplish many of the recommendations. Time to split the commission into two commissions do that some planning can be done and zoning enforcement is at an all time low as witnesses by three mining operations of which group should have faced jail time. Neither party is addressing this huge problem.

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