Kapoor will fight for resources, relief for our town, will be relentless.

Letter to the Editor,

Some people go into local politics to be a Politician and some go in to be a Public Servant. Those with a passion to be public servants put the time and effort into everything they do to learn and bring their knowledge to the forefront. This is Nick Kapoor. Public service is a part of him and for all his passion and knowledge, he has my vote for State Representative for the 112th district.

Seven years ago I myself ran for State Representative and Nick was right there by my side, guiding me through the whole process and teaching me about State issues. I ran as being a voice of people just like Nick is now. But honestly I was not well versed yet on state issues. Nick on the other hand knew it all. He knew all the issues knew the bills being brought forth and knew the nuances and impacts of each and every one.

As a current Board of Education member, he is constantly updating his social media on issues such as the budget and other impactful changes, and asking for constituents to reach out to him with feedback. He has had disagreements not only with the other side of the aisle on issues, but his own party but never has he diminished anyone’s point of view. He works out the issues and states his case. He is an excellent orator and is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in matters of local and state government.

I would also like to address the letters being written in opposition to Nick. He has voted on an increase in the BOE budget, as did every single member on that board…it was unanimous and not partisan and is being framed differently through innuendo.

The entire Board spends months going line by line and looking for any amount of savings they can for their constituents that wouldn’t cause irreparable damage to our quality school system.

When Nick served on Town Council, he applied the same approach. Nick will bring this practice and in depth knowledge of our entire Town budget to the State, searching for ways to make Connecticut as affordable as possible without cutting vital services. He will be fighting for resources and relief for our Town and will be relentless.

Please join me in voting for the most informed, most passionate and most qualified candidate in the State Representative race on April 13, Nick Kapoor.

Jen Aguilar

Monroe Town Council Member

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