‘I want express my support for Terry Rooney to be our next First Selectman’

To the Editor,

Firstly, as your State Representative, I want to stress the importance for all eligible Monroe residents to use your voice and vote on Tuesday, November 7th to help decide the future of the town of Monroe. Municipal elections elect not just our First Selectman, but many other important positions. Do your research for all positions and make your voice heard by voting for who you think will best lead Monroe. If you are unable to vote that day, please work with the Town Clerk to get an absentee ballot so you can still vote.

Secondly, I want express my support for Terry Rooney to be our next First Selectman. He has been extremely involved with many parts of town, from Town Council to EMS Building Chair, to just a name a few recent ones.  He can be counted on to roll up his sleeves and help where is needed. His love of the town is well known and I know he is best equipped to keep the town on the right path it is currently on.

I am in constant communication with First Selectman Ken Kellogg throughout the year making sure we both know what is going on and how to work together to do the best for Monroe. I have no doubt Terry Rooney will continue that and keep me informed of things Monroe needs in Hartford.

For the budget referendum in May, we only got a 12.88% turnout. Let’s all strive to do better on Tuesday and have more voices heard. See you at the polls!

Rep. Tony Scott

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