‘I am proud to ask you to cast your vote for Jerry Stevens and our Democratic Team’

To the Editor,

Here in Monroe where I have had the privilege of growing up (and old), we will be choosing a First Selectman for the 18th time, but only the sixth when there is no incumbent running.

Without a record to run on, it is important to learn as much as possible about the two candidates in order to evaluate their leadership skills. Voters are in effect the executive hiring committee for a multi-million dollar municipal corporation.

Jerry Stevens was born and raised here in Monroe. He obtained undergraduate and post graduate degrees from local Connecticut Universities. He taught our children for 34 years. His career in public service on the Board of Education is characterized by team play with a view toward building consensus.

On the other hand, his opponent takes credit for the work of others who worked together as a team. He once posted a note on Facebook that he would never sell his home to a New York Democrat.

Jerry Stevens attends meetings and is an active participant. His opponent called one meeting of his Town Council Committee in two years — and that was to simply name himself Chairman. He attended zero budget sessions this year. He missed multiple meetings of the Bicentennial Commission and then abruptly resigned.

Former Senator Bill Bradley describes leadership as the ability to make others better. As you go to the polls on Tuesday, ask yourself which of the two candidates has the capacity to make all of us better?

I am proud to ask you to cast your vote on Election Day for Jerry Stevens and our Democratic Team. Together we can make Monroe a better place.

Fred Martin
Monroe Democratic Town Chairman

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