How was an auto body shop approved in a zone that does not allow it?


At the Nov. 16 P&Z meeting I asked how it happened that an auto body collision repair business was approved on Main St. in a B1 zone where it is clearly not allowed. When no one replied, I then asked if the commissioners were aware of the situation.

Question was met with silence until Leon Ambrosey quietly said he was aware. The chairman then mentioned that the matter is now in the hands of the town attorney and taxpayers will be footing the bill for legal fees to resolve the issue.

There is no justification for failure to follow established approval procedures and the P&Z  regulations.

The land use department was short staffed for months. What took so long to fill much needed positions? What prevented Monroe from attracting and hiring qualified Why are we content to provide on the job training?

A entire overall review of Monroe’s hiring policies and procedures, job descriptions, qualifications, and salaries is definitely called for.

Cathy Lindstrom

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  1. You get what you pay for that department needs an overhaul, they had some talented people but let them get away. The town also looks horrible littered with signs very tacky. Hopefully Terry will straighten it out?

  2. I agree, thank you for speaking out. Hiring is not based on qualifications, but who you know or a family member who works or previously worked for the Town or attended school in Monroe. Examples, Superintendent, Human Resources and Senior Center.

  3. Guess the FBI will be contacting the banks. More work for the Research and Adjustment Departments just when they are loaded with Year End. Great timing.

  4. Thank you Cathy – I live less than a half mile away and I am horrified!
    The truth is that our current town government has methodically perverted democracy and wants the residents to be ignorant and powerless. Too many good employees have left and I believe this is partly because some have been castrated and some have not been supported, adequately empowered, and/or rewarded.

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