Greenwood: ‘Many find us and learn about what we do by reading about us first’

To the Editor:

Usually when I write a “Letter to the Editor,” it is because I want to voice my opinion on matters facing the town or the state in an effort to get my perspective in front of the public.

When someone’s life is taken through an act of domestic violence, I talk about what needs to change to prevent these tragic outcomes. When various awareness months roll around, I write letters and op-eds to educate readers about domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse.

This is a different sort of letter to the editor.

This is a letter we want to address directly to Bill Bittar, a lifelong Monroe resident, the editor of the Monroe Sun and a friend.

Bill is a man of the utmost integrity, and what strikes me most is his humble approach to the topics he writes about. He is one of the most hardworking journalists I know. I swear he must have cloned himself given all that he covers for his newspaper, everything from zoning, education to police news.

Writing about the services we provide at The Center for Family Justice isn’t easy. It can be a complicated and emotional subject, covering a vulnerable population who don’t always find it easy to discuss what they’ve been through.

Bill has worked with us over the last several years to spread our message of being a safe place for people to get help – that there is hope. He has also helped us educate the public by writing about our prevention and education initiatives, including our recent trip to Masuk High School where we addressed dating that can turn violent, how power dynamics impact those relationships and what people can do to avoid them or get help getting out of them.

Bill has let people know about our many awareness events throughout the year – the next one being our Walk A Mile In Her Shoes ® event, scheduled for April 29 at the Fairfield Train Station. These events are ways people can get involved and be a voice for survivors.

We serve thousands of people a year, but many find us and learn about what we do by reading about us first.

Along with everyone at The Center for Family Justice, I want to thank Bill for his work, his compassion and for letting people know they are not alone.

Thank you, Bill.


 Debra Greenwood

President/CEO at The Center for Family Justice

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