GOP council members endorse Rooney for first selectman

To the Editor,

The people of Monroe have an important decision to make on November 7, 2023. Will the people of Monroe choose to continue the tremendous progress Monroe has made over the last six years or will the people choose to regress? There is only one candidate in the race to be our First Selectman that has the necessary skill, experience, and vision to lead Monroe forward. That candidate is Terry Rooney.

Terry Rooney is a lifelong leader that has always given back to his community.

Beginning his career as a police officer in Bridgeport, Terry protected his community from those that sought to do it harm. In the business world, Terry created jobs through quality customer service and attention to detail. Terry leads men and women every day to be the best that they can be and gives them an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

As a member of the Town Council, Terry has led boards and committees to achieve great successes for the people of Monroe. As many of you know, Terry did an incredible job chairing the EMS Building Committee that built Monroe’s new and amazing facility for our volunteers that provide critical lifesaving services to Monroe. In every realm of life, Terry is a leader with proven successes.

On November 7, 2023, we ask the voters of Monroe to support the only First Selectman candidate that has shown Monroe what can be accomplished through action, not empty words or promises. Monroe must support the candidate that is committed to continue the progress of the last six years. Terry Rooney is that candidate.

Submitted by the Republican Members of the Monroe Town Council

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