Furrier promises to bring an Independent voice to Hartford

William "Bill" Furrier

NEWTOWN, CT — William “Bill” Furrier was endorsed by the Independent Party to run for the open 112th District seat representing Monroe and Newtown.

Furrier, of Newtown, will appear on the ballot under the Independent Party line for the special election on April 13. The seat was vacated when J.P. Sredzinski, a Republican, resigned on Feb. 17.

“I’m pleased to be endorsed for the 112th District,” Furrier said. “The Independent Party represents a new and important nonpartisan approach to government. I will be representing first and foremost the people of the district and of Connecticut, not a major political party.”

“I intend to work with all members of the legislature to address the serious issues the state of Connecticut currently faces,” he continued. “Problems that have long been ignored by our representatives. We must work together to understand these issues such as our economy, re-opening the state’s businesses, increasing employment, and managing the burden our state’s unfunded mandates and taxes have placed on our residents. We can no longer simply kick these problems down the road.”

Furrier will be running against two candidates from Monroe. Tony Scott, a Republican Town Councilman, and Nick Kapoor, a Democrat serving on the Board of Education.

A 24-year resident of Newtown, Furrier has been active in the Independent Party for over 13 years. He was previously elected to the Board of Selectmen as the first ever Independent Party member.

Previously, Furrier was a member of the Building and Site Commission and president of his condominium board. He is currently a chemical engineer and cosmetic formulation scientist for one of the largest corporations in the United States.

Michael Telesca, chairman of the Independent Party CT, said, “Bill Furrier has been a long-term supporter of the Independent Party and was elected to the Board of Selectmen. He brings to the residents of the 112th District someone who understands governing and the important role of the State Legislature. Above all he wants to get the state government, our economy and its residents working again.”

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