EMS chairman thanks Rooney for his leadership on building project

The sign is up on the Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service headquarters at Jockey Hollow Firehouse, 54 Jockey Hollow Road, as a renovation and addition project progresses. Photo by Sean O'Rourke

To the Editor:

As a resident of Monroe for many years, I have had the opportunity to serve our town as a member of Emergency Medical Services as an EMT and Chairperson of the Town’s EMS Commission. I worked with many of our Town Officials including many talented volunteers on projects such as the new EMS facility beneficial to our community.

Most recently, there was a community Open House and ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by our EMS volunteers. This event made a positive impression on our community neighbors based on their high interest and congratulatory comments.

The story behind this project required many town meetings involving planning, finance and construction execution. A key EMS advocate from the Town Council, Terry Rooney, was selected to organize, staff and chair a building construction committee with the goal to complete this new project on time and within budget.

As a member of this committee, working with Mr. Rooney, I experienced a person with demonstrated project management ability, excellent knowledge of town operations and strong interpersonal skills. Mr. Rooney organized an “A-Team” committee with volunteer members experienced in municipal building construction projects, architectural engineering, project scheduling, finance control and EMS operations. Meetings were held to select the right construction company and architectural firm that met the needs of the building project without disruption of Emergency Medical Services needed to respond to patient calls.

Mr. Rooney chaired both regular monthly and ‘as required’ meetings with all parties involved. Meetings were well organized with detailed agendas committed to achieving scheduled construction activity, accountability, value engineering proposals and ongoing financial monitoring. The goal was to complete the construction project within 12 to 14 months.

Success was accomplished. The overall goal to complete this project on-time and within budget was achieved.

My experience and participation working with Mr. Rooney created a high regard for his excellent leadership. He consistently recognized all those involved with this project as “our team” for the accomplishments achieved.

I thank Mr. Rooney for his leadership, can-do positive approach, organization skills, and the tenacity needed for getting the job done; especially when working with so many groups required to complete this project.

The Monroe community was the ultimate beneficiary of Mr. Rooney’s leadership and commitment.

John Brenna
EMS Commission, Chairman

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