‘Democrats can make a difference now and in the future’

To the Editor,

Which party will best represent you?

Elections can be won or lost by just a handful of votes: every vote does count. Monroe candidates affiliate with the party best represents them and winners can portend our country’s future. It’s critical to know where candidates stand on issues because winners often run for higher office party: Councilmen run for Selectman; Selectman for State Rep; State Rep for State Senate, Attorney General,  Governor, become judges or go on to Washington where party ideology really matters and can directly impact us.

Be sure to take into consideration that local boards and commissions are in a position to challenge and threaten the U.S. Constitution’s very provisions “to form a more perfect union, establish justice … promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty”.

There should be no dispute that necessary for the “general welfare“ are clean air and water; freedom of speech, press, religion; access to , voting, uncensored information, bathrooms, recreation; medical care, land use, public education; community defense, school safety and security.

Jerry Stevens knows that Monroe’s government services fall short compared to other towns. Jerry knows that key is to scrutinize Monroe’s budget, address the understaffing situation in town hall, establish clear priorities and goals. He will seek out and apply for additional funding resources to meet residents needs without adding to the tax burden.

Cast your ballot for Jerry and the party that best represents your inalienable rights: the party that will strive to make America the more perfect union our founders fought for and worked so hard to create. Your vote matters and Democrats can make a difference now and in the future.

Cathy Lindstrom

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