Burnaska: I ask for your support of Jerry Stevens for first selectman

To the Editor,

November’s election is critical for the future of Monroe. Please take time to learn about the candidates and their positions, and be sure to vote!

I ask for your support of Jerry Stevens for first selectman. Jerry’s family has been involved in Monroe for decades, and so has Jerry. He served our children as a teacher and coach and served the town well as a member of the Board of Education.

As a former selectman of Monroe, I know the importance of working with and for all the people of Monroe: not just your friends, fellow party members, and people who voted for you, but for all the people who didn’t vote for you or didn’t vote: Everyone!

When you take the oath of office, you promise to serve the residents and work for the betterment of the entire town.

One of Jerry’s many strong leadership skills is his ability to truly listen to people and hear their concerns and ideas. He also knows how to motivate people and work with them to accomplish mutual goals and projects.

Many issues continue to face the town. Growth, education, and taxes are on everyone’s minds. To ensure your voice is heard and your opinion is valued, vote for Jerry Stevens and the Democratic team on November 7th.

Karen Burnaska

Monroe First Selectman, 1995-2001

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  1. Jerry Stevens will be an asset to Monroe as selectmen. I have been honored to have chaired the Post Prom committee in the past, in which he contributed his time and talents and he taught my kids who loved his class. He has my vote!

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