A connection between Election Week, the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day

To the Editor:

Election Day this year was a bit later than usual, November 7th; because of that election day occurred the same week as the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day. It made me think of the inherent connection between them.

On November 10th 1775 the United States Marine Corps was established by an act of the Continental Congress. The Marines have stood watch and fought to protect our freedom ever since.  Today on every base, ship, embassy, or outpost around the world where Marines serve, they will have a piece of cake and offer a toast to the 248th birthday of the Corps. Tomorrow on November 11th, we will honor all those who wore the uniform of our country and served the cause of freedom and our American way of life.

Veterans Day has its roots in Armistice Day; the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 commemorating the end of World War 1.  In 1954 Armistice Day was renamed to Veterans Day to honor all those who served.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to exercise one of those freedoms that the men and women in uniform have guaranteed for us. The democratic process of free and fair elections.

There is another freedom that we often take for granted and that is the freedom of the press. Democracy works best with an informed electorate.

In recent years local news organizations have disappeared at an alarming rate. We are fortunate to still have The Monroe Sun and Monroe Patch.  We are especially lucky to have Bill Bittar and the Monroe Sun covering Monroe throughout the year.

The Sun covers everything from school sporting events to the police blotter. The Monroe Sun keeps us all informed of what is happening in the town government and gives citizens the opportunity to express their views of what is and what may not be working.

As the election approached the Sun published detailed profiles of each candidate, allowing citizens to be informed prior to voting.

It was a good week for freedom and democracy in Monroe.

Frank Dutches

Editor’s Note: Frank Dutches is the town treasurer, who won another term on Tuesday.

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