Town Council approves municipal spending plan, a gazebo project

Monroe Town Hall is located at 7 Fan Hill Road.

MONROE, CT — Town Council members unanimously approved a municipal budget of nearly $31.5 million Monday night.

Council members also approved a $16,000 project to replace the Town Hall gazebo roof and repair the existing bluestone steps and brick walkway.

“I think it was a very seamless and efficient budget process this year,” First Selectman Ken Kellogg said after the meeting. “At least in my perspective, I think everyone continued to work together in a very efficient and effective way, so I appreciate the hard work.”

Councilman Jason Maur also thanked everyone involved in the process, including town department heads.

The Town Council voted on a series of small adjustments, including a $500 cut for office expenses in the fire marshal’s office, a $3,904 increase for Emergency Management’s operating expenses, and a $774 cut to health office expenses.

Finance Director Ronald Bunovsky Jr. said the adjustments accounted for a net increase of $2,630.

The approved $31,493,219 municipal budget will now be reviewed by the Board of Finance. The Board of Finance will also be review the first selectman’s $61,791,068 proposal to fund Monroe’s public schools.

Gazebo project funding

Public Works Director Chris Nowacki said the roof of the Town Hall Gazebo is in disrepair and needs to be replaced.

After previous discussions on the condition of the gazebo, Public Works Director Chris Nowacki wrote a memo to Kellogg on March 1.

“The cedar shingles are clearly deteriorated, warped, and dry rotted and many are missing exposing the underlayment,” Nowacki wrote. “The upper fascia, trim and dome show noticeable signs of deterioration and rot. I recommend a complete removal, inspection and replacement of the entire roof system.”

Proposals were obtained following Town Hall’s Purchasing Policy for the scope of the work, which includes replacing the roof, dome and trim, and repairing the bluestone steps and brick walkway.

Nowacki said the lowest proposal was $15,988.71.

Kellogg asked the Town Council to allow up to $20,000 from the Cornelia H. B. Rogers Memorial Fund to be used, with any money left over going back into the fund.

He said the fund was set up in 1911 and has grown to $56,000 over the years.

Before coming before the Town Council, Kellogg said Nowacki had gotten approval for the gazebo project from the Monroe Historic District Commission.

The Town Council approved a resolution for the funding by a vote of 8 to 0.

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