Police release parking information for Monroe’s Bicentennial fireworks

The Monroe Police Department released the following information about parking for the Bicentennial Fireworks to be held on Friday, Aug. 4 (rain date is Saturday, Aug. 5). Photos of the plan are included in a gallery below.

Police remind drivers that traffic turning right onto Cutlers Farm Road from Cross Hill Road will be restricted to shuttle buses and vehicles displaying a State Handicap parking permit. All other traffic will be required to turn left.

For those wishing to drop off/pick up attendees to the event, a drop off/pick up lane will be created using the right hand (southbound) lane of Cutlers Farm Road. In order to keep the intersection clear, police ask drivers to pull as far down the lane as possible.

Numbered signs will be posted to aid in locating those you are picking up. Police ask drivers to coordinate their pick-ups as standing in the pick-up lane will not be allowed.

Once you have made your pick-up, you will use the left (northbound) lane to exit the area toward Purdy Hill Road. Once past Wolfe Park, vehicles will use the left lane for Route 111 and the right lane for Route 25.

Parking will be strictly prohibited on the following streets (violators’ vehicles will be ticketed and towed):

  • Cutlers Farm Road – entire length
  • Cross Hill Road – from Cutlers Farm Road to Route 111
  • Purdy Hill Road- from Route 25 to Route 111
  • Bug Hill Road- entire length
  • Pepper Street – from Route 25 to Jockey Hollow Road
  • Old Newtown Road – entire length
  • Elm Street- from Fan Hill Road to Route 111

Parking on tertiary roads around Wolfe Park will not be prohibited, but violations of any Connecticut General Statute, town of Monroe ordinance, or any situation restricting passage of emergency vehicles or that is deemed to create a public safety issue will be strictly enforced.

Violating vehicles will be issued appropriate enforcement action and towed.

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