Police closing in on Rite Aid shoplifters

MONROE, CT — Police may have identified one of four shoplifters who walked into the Rite Aid pharmacy at 435 Main St. Monday evening, stole various over-the-counter medications and left the store.

Police said staff members later recognized a man, who came into the store around 5:10 p.m. Thursday, as one of the shoplifters. The suspect noticed staff members were watching him closely, turned around and left.

Police sent officers to all of the pharmacies in town and found him and an accomplice in the Walgreens on Route 111.

Officers were able to identify the man, but had to let him go because he did not have any stolen merchandise on him. His accomplice fled the store before being identified, police said.

Police are using the new information in their investigation.

They said they have no reason to believe these incidents are connected to the robbery of the Rite Aid on Route 111, which occurred on July 13.

Fraudster steals thousands

A Monroe man reported the theft of an old checkbook and told police two of the checks were fraudulently cashed for a total of $12,268, according to a complaint lodged Monday.

Police said the victim believes the checks were taken out of his vehicle while it was being kept at a garage in Trumbull for repairs, though he could not say for certain it was where the theft occurred.

Police are investigating the theft.

Man steals TP

A man stole a $5 roll of toilet paper from the Walgreens pharmacy on Monroe Turnpike Tuesday and fled on foot.

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