Patriotism on display in Monroe’s drive by Memorial Day Parade

Monroe's drive by Memorial Day Parade leaves the pool side of Wolfe Park and heads down Cutlers Farm Road Sunday.

MONROE, CT — Miniature flags, red, white and blue balloons, and signs bearing patriotic messages honoring the men and women who sacrificed their lives for America’s freedoms were on display in a drive by Memorial Day Parade held under a clear blue sky Sunday afternoon.

When the Covid-19 pandemic led to the cancelation of the town’s annual parade, Monroe Locals Supporting Drive By Birthday Parades organized Sunday’s grassroots parade.

The Cassidy family gathered at Wolfe Park to watch the parade go by. Ryan and Bethany brought their children Teagan, 5, and Logan, 2, and were accompanied by Ryan’s brother, Shane, and his son, Jack, 5.

The Cassidys credited their friend, Adrienne Stepkoski, founder of Monroe Locals Supporting Drive By Birthday Parades, for organizing the parade and said they were happy to see the Stepney Volunteer Fire Department participate.

“She’s got a great heart,” Shane said of Stepkoski. “It’s nice to see the community come together like this.”

“The kids liked it,” Ryan said.

“The kids loved it,” Shane added.

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