4 thoughts on “No roaring panther logo, but Masuk anxious to sink teeth into 2021 football season

  1. masuk football wore this same cursive look in the 2019 season as well. this will be the second season they wear it, not the first.

  2. Hi Henry, I did see a photo on my site from the 2019 Thanksgiving game and they wore the newer helmet, but the coach had sent me photos saying the decal is new this year, the athletic director told me the last time the panther was on the helmet was in fall 2019, and the QB, who is a senior, didn’t correct me and say no we had it in 2019. Could it be that both logos were used that season?

  3. the ones that the class of 2020 wore was the cursive Panthers but letters were white with black outline. These are black
    Letters with white outline.

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