Monroe reverend prays for the safe return of his family’s dog

The Merritts need help finding their lost dog, a chow mix who went missing on Sept. 17.

MONROE, CT — The Rev. Kevin Merritt, pastor of Stepney Baptist Church, and his wife, Liz, are praying for the safe return of their dog, who was hit by a vehicle in front of their house at 810 Monroe Turnpike on Thursday, Sept. 17, and has been seen running through neighborhoods over the past week.

Merritt said their four-year-old dog, a 40 pound, fluffy chow mix, was not seriously injured in the accident.

“My wife Liz and I have been absolutely blessed by the outpouring of help and concern from hundreds of caring people in town,” he said Thursday. “This event has proven to us what we’ve always thought: Monroe people are the absolute best people on the planet!”

The Merritts are working with Dog Gone Trackers to advise them on the best strategy to locate their dog.

The couple is not asking townspeople to organize searches and call out their dog’s name, which Merritt intentionally omitted from this article. In an email, the Merritt’s included a link to an article explaining why people should not try to approach a lost dog.

“If you see any brownish-reddish stray dog with some white and black markings, call us immediately, since we are on 24-hour high alert,” Merritt said. “Then call Monroe Animal Control. They’ve been wonderful too.”

The number for Monroe Animal Control is 203-452-3760 and the officers are Ed Risko and Teri LeTulip.

The Rev. Kevin Merritt, pastor of Stepney Baptist Church, holds his dog.

Merritt said his dog has been mistaken for a coyote, but with a white fluffy tail and legs — and also looks a like a fox because she is reddish.

“Her bushy tail makes her look like a German shepherd,” Merritt said. “She is incredibly fast. She is playful with other dogs. She is skittish toward people she doesn’t know. She has a collar with tags that jingle.”

The Merritts’ dog is up to date with all her shots, is spayed and has a chip.

The Merritts will help anyone willing to hand out fliers to their neighbors and will get fliers to them.

“If you are driving and think you see her, please pull over and watch exactly where she goes and call us immediately 24/7,” Merritt said. “Please only call or text us with active sightings, or if you can hand out fliers in your neighborhood.”

The Rev. Kevin Merritt’s phone number is 203-520-6413 and Liz Merritt’s number is

The Merritt family will have a big celebration when their lost pet returns home.


The couple asks people to avoid making phone calls and texts of concern or for strategy and updates. They are strictly following the guidance of their trackers and Monroe Animal Control.

“We work at Stepney Baptist Church and are big believers in the power of prayer,” Merritt said. “So please pray for her safety during this wandering time and for her quick return! We expect to have a big celebration when she’s home. It will be all over social media!”

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