Don’t make your home a target for hungry bears foraging for food

Homeowners often capture nice photos of bears. In Monroe, several people share their photos on the Monroe CT Residents Facebook page. In these older photos, Anna Kaczmarczyk took a picture of a bear at her sliding glass door, Paula Pavlik took one of a bear that went into her pool, and Melissa Swindon zoomed in for a closeup.

MONROE, CT — It’s early spring and homeowners are starting to pay more attention to their yards. Flowers are blooming and many businesses are offering sales on bird feeders and suet, but not all the visitors it attracts will have feathers and beaks, Monroe Animal Control Officer Gina Gambino warns.

“Right now is not the time to place these feeders out in backyards as they will certainly welcome bears as visitors,” she said. “This includes hummingbird feeders.”

Hungry bears are coming out of hibernation and Gambino said bird feeders are not the only residential targets for these foraging mammals.

“Please do not put your trash out until the day of pick up,” she said. “If you have a garage or shed, take advantage of this! As bears will frequent unsuspecting neighborhoods that are due for trash collection as a convenient buffet of scraps.”

“After use, grills should be stored away or cleaned as soon as possible,” she said. “Don’t leave pets unattended! Avoid using fragrant or smelly foods in compost piles.”

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