Monroe Police Reports: Crypto scam, Warrens’ property, vandalism and a crowbar

No trespassing signs are posted in front of late ghost hunter Lorraine Warren's house on Knollwood Street.

MONROE, CT — A 56-year-old Monroe woman lost $1,000 to a cryptocurrency scam on Facebook, according to a police complaint made Monday.

Police said she received a direct message from someone posing as her friend, who asked her if she wanted to invest.

She gave $500 to the person through Zelle and was given a login name and password to track the investment activity. After seeing a profit and interest, police said she invested another $500.

Police said she noticed no changes for the second investment, questioned it and was told by the individual that the trade crashed and all her money was lost.

The victim later confirmed that her friend’s Facebook account had been hacked and she had lost control of her account, according to the report.

Police are still investigating the incident and officers advised the victim to monitor her finances.

Trespassing on the Warren property

Two New Haven women were given verbal warnings for simple trespass after security cameras caught them on the Knollwood Street property of the late, famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren Thursday afternoon.

The house had been used as an occult museum, before closing years ago, because local zoning does not allow museums in residential neighborhoods. No trespassing signs are posted on the property and the street, but neighbors have long complained about the constant trespassing there.

Most incidents involved people coming to the property out of curiosity. One notable incident last year involved a trespasser from Wisconsin claiming to be St. Michael the Archangel.

At approximately 1:35 p.m. on Thursday, police received a call about a woman walking in the backyard, while another stood in the driveway. One had a backpack.

Police later identified the New Haven women, one was age 48 and the other 36, and warned them not to return.

Vandalism on Alpine Road

Police responded to two vandalism incidents reported on Alpine Road on Wednesday.

That night, a 60-year-old woman visiting a friend who lives on the street told officers someone slashed three of her vehicle’s tires. Police said the cost to replace the tires totaled $1,250.

Later on Wednesday night, at around 11:04 p.m., a 52-year-old homeowner told police someone egged his house within the last five to 10 minutes.

Both incidents are under investigation.

Threat alleged

A 42-year-old Main Street man was charged following a domestic incident, in which he allegedly threatened a male living in his home with a crowbar.

Officers responded to the call around 8:18 p.m. Police said the man demanded that the victim take him to Bridgeport and threatened to kill him after he said no.

Police said a witness saw a crowbar behind the man’s back and, when confronted, the man threw it onto a pile of other tools and left the room with no further incident.

Officers found him in his bedroom and learned there was a protective order between him and the victim.

He was charged with second-degree threatening, violation of a protective order and disorderly conduct, held on $25,000 bond and taken to court for arraignment the next day.

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