Fox caught on video, an injured junco bird goes to rehab …

MONROE, Conn. — An injured junco bird is recuperating at the Sharon Audubon Center after a Blanket Meadow resident scooped it up from his driveway, placed it in a box and drove it to Monroe Animal Control’s field office on Friday, Feb. 14.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the bird appeared to have head trauma from being hit by a vehicle and was taken to a wildlife rehabilitater in Shelton for overnight care, before being brought to the Audubon.

Unwelcome guests

A Fan Hill Road woman reported that an animal had been digging under the steps to her porch and walkway on Thursday, Feb. 20.

A site inspection was scheduled, exclusion tips were provided and a referral was made
to hire a commercial, licensed and insured, nuisance wildlife control operator.

The Humane Society of the United States says, “it’s recommended to assess the condition of your residence a couple of times a year to keep wildlife intrusions and other problems at bay. Skunks and other animals may seek shelter in your chimney or attic or under your porch or deck. A few simple steps will keep unwelcome visitors out of your house. While you’re getting your house ready for a change in the season, make sure it’s wildlife-proofed as well.”

Roaming chickens

A male motorist reported several chickens roaming loose in the roadway, causing a traffic hazard in the 300-block of Pepper Street Wednesday, Feb. 19.

An officer searched the area and was unable to locate the fowl. No additional calls were received during the day, so Monroe Animal Control presumed the owner regained control of the fowl and returned them to their roost.

Dragging its leash

The park ranger reported a stray German Shepherd dog dragging a black leash roaming loose at Webb Mountain Discovery Zone on Old Fish House Road Wednesday, Feb. 19. The dog avoided the ranger and was last seen running east towards Shelton.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the trails and parking lots were checked to make sure the dog’s owner wasn’t down and in need of medical assistance.

No one reported the animal missing and there were no computer matches for the map index, according to Risko, who said periodic patrols were made throughout the day, but the dog was not found.

A fox caught on video

A Blanket Meadow Road man asked Monroe Animal Control to identify a nighttime visitor captured by his video security camera Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the animal’s silhouette and movement appeared to be that of a small fox coming for the caller’s bird feeder, crossing the driveway and returning to the tree line.

A wildlife activity report form was completed and an officer gave the homeowner a species fact sheet with common cautions.

Vehicle collision kills owl

A barred owl died from its injuries after being struck by a vehicle in the 1000-block of Monroe Turnpike Tuesday, Feb. 18.

It was the second owl struck within two weeks, according to Animal Control Officer Ed Risko. He said, “many owls fly low over roadways while hunting, or they may catch prey at the side of roads and then be vulnerable to being hit by passing cars.”

A female motorist had reported seeing the injured owl in the roadway, but the bird had died prior an officer’s arrival. The officer removed the owl from the street and its remains were cremated.

A dog on the loose

A Hurd Avenue resident reported seeing a large stray pit bull-type dog roaming loose in the tree line at the rear of his property around 9:48 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 16.

Police said the dog paid no attention to the man or his dogs and was last seen heading north between Hurd Avenue and Monroe Turnpike.

An officer searched the area and was unable to locate the dog and a periodic patrol was
conducted throughout the day with negative results. No one reported the dog as missing in the area and there were no licenses in the map index for a dog
matching the caller’s description.

Deer euthanized

A deer struck by a vehicle in the 250-block of Monroe Turnpike had to be put down Saturday, Feb. 15, after a male motorist reporting seeing the injured animal in the roadway around 6 p.m.

After euthanizing the deer, an officer removed it from the street. Its remains were brought to a wildlife feeding site.

A State Deer Kill Incident report form was completed. No drivers reported damages or striking the animal, according to Animal Control Officer Ed Risko.

A coyote sighting

A Monroe Turnpike man reported seeing a coyote in his yard around 6 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 14. A sighting report form was completed and a species fact sheet was provided with common cautions and hazing tips.

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