Cliff accepts Democratic Party nomination to challenge Scott in the 112th District

Beth Cliff, of Easton, is running for the 112th District seat.

MONROE, CT — Beth Cliff, of Easton, accepted the Democratic Party nomination to run as its candidate for Connecticut’s 112th House District seat in November. She will challenge incumbent Republican, Tony Scott, for the right to represent Monroe, nearly half of Easton and part of Trumbull.

Scott Charmoy, vice chairman of the Easton Democratic Town Committee (DTC), nominated Cliff on May 15, noting her long track record of successful leadership in business and local volunteerism, including serving as president of Friends of the Easton Library, serving on the board and participating in social justice activism at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Westport.

Delegates at the party convention “unanimously and enthusiastically” endorsed Cliff, according to a news release.

Cliff expressed her gratitude for the support she received and promised the district’s voices and values will be heard in Hartford if she is elected.

Easton DTC Chair Nanette DeWester, said, “we are incredibly excited to have Beth as our 112th candidate. It’s so important to have full representation in Hartford so we can get things done.”

Trumbull DTC Chair Ashley Gaudiano, said, “I am thrilled that Beth Cliff is running to represent the 112th District. We need representatives who will work tirelessly for Trumbull and who will bring valuable and much needed resources to our community. I am confident Beth will do just that and we look forward to getting her elected this November.”

Nick Kapoor, a longtime Monroe Democrat, added, “Beth Cliff is just the right kind of person to represent Monroe in the State House. She is practical, dedicated, smart and representative of so many in town. She will bring the voice of the 112th to the Legislature and will have an excellent seat at the table as a member of the majority.”

In her acceptance speech, Cliff said, “the time is now, especially for women’s voices, to be heard directly on issues of concern to them, their families, and their children — on the job, at home, and with their health care providers. If there ever were a time to do and not just talk, it is now. I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. My daughters’ futures, and those of all our children, are at stake.”

Cliff was born and raised in northern Connecticut, in a small rural town similar to those in the 112th. She received her BA from Princeton University and an MBA from UVA’s graduate business school.

With over 30 years of management and consulting experience across multiple functions, in a wide spectrum of business settings — from global multi-nationals to small local businesses — she said she understands organizational dynamics and bottom-line challenges, and knows how to get ahead of them.

“Any good leader listens to concerns and creates coalitions to deliver the right solutions,” she said. “But strong leaders have the courage to fight to make those solutions happen — even if it means facing some tough headwinds. People who have worked with me know I am a champion and fighter for the causes I believe in.”

Cliff and her husband raised two daughters. “Believe me, I understand firsthand the juggle of demanding jobs and two career parenting, and all that entails,” she said. “For most of us, this is the reality we must live in, and it has its challenges. I want to make it easier for everyone.”

Since her retirement in 2018, Cliff devoted herself to a variety of volunteer leadership roles in Easton and the broader community in Fairfield County. She said she is looking forward to meeting with voters in the district between now and November, to hear directly from them what’s on their minds and learn how she can best represent them in Hartford.

“I have the passion, the dedication and the skills to represent us well in Hartford, and to bring back to the 112th what we need,” she said. “Now is the time to make things happen in Hartford and I look forward to the work in representing Monroe, Easton and Trumbull.”

Beth Cliff can be reached at [email protected]. Voters can also follow her Facebook page, Beth Cliff for HD-112.

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  1. State Rep Tony Scott has a well a established and excellent track record of service and leadership for the 112th District. I urge my neighbors of the 112th to support, and to continue to support Rep Tony Scott in his reelection bid. Thank you.

    Sean O’Rourke

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