Animal Reports: Unlicensed dog facility on Hawthorne Drive

MONROE, Conn. — A resident of 31 Hawthorne Drive received a $100 infraction for allegedly operating a facility to board and train 12 dogs inside his house without a state license Monday, March 9.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said police received a tip that the owner was operating without zoning approval nor a state license, before an officer corroborated the allegations.

The owner also received an advisory notice for failure to license eight out of 12 dogs and the zoning enforcement officer was notified concerning the property use violations of having an excess number of dogs and operating business in residential zone.

Stray dog euthanized

A veterinarian from Monroe Animal Hospital, 270 Main St., reported that a client found a stray dog in Bridgeport that was sick and brought it in for treatment on Tuesday afternoon.

The dog had neurologic symptoms and, from the opinion of the veterinarian, the animal was euthanized, according to Monroe Animal Control Officer Ed Risko.

A specimen was obtained and brought to the State Health lab for rabies testing. Risko said the call remains open, pending test results from the lab.

There was exposure to the client and two others, who had possession of the dog since finding her on or before Feb. 24, according to Risko.

The animal was scanned for a microchip to identify the dog’s owner, but nothing was found. Bridgeport Animal Control was provided with the description and photographs of the dog to cross reference to its missing pet report forms.

A dog bite

A 40-year-old Pinto Lane man told police he was running on Mustang Drive around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 8, when a dog ran into the roadway and attacked him.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the dog got out as a result of an electric fence failure and its owner regained control of his pet, but not before the runner was bit.

Before reporting the incident, the bite victim sought medical care on his own.

Risko said the dog is validly vaccinated and licensed and its owner said he will install a physical fence instead of an electric one.

The owner was issued a written warning for annoyance by dog in a roadway, and infractions for creating a nuisance and having a roaming dog. The fines totaled $167.

A quarantine order was issued with tentative release following a veterinary examination of the dog.

Sick animals euthanized

A Millo Drive man reported a raccoon in his yard that was possibly sick on Saturday, March 7, but the animal fled before an officer’s arrival.

He was told to call again if the animal returns and it did around 10:14 a.m. that Sunday. An officer evaluated and removed the adult male raccoon, with was euthanized without incident.

There were no exposures and no testing was required, according to Animal Control Officer Ed Risko, who added that the property owner had a validly, vaccinated and licensed dog.

Opossum euthanized

A Barn Hill Road woman reported seeing an opossum, that was possibly sick, in her yard, Saturday, March 7.

An officer evaluated and removed the adult male opossum, which was euthanized without incident. There were no exposures and no testing was required.

Beaver hit by vehicle

A driver reported finding a dead beaver that had been struck by a vehicle, alongside Fan Hill Road on Wednesday, March 18.

The 42-pound-animal’s remains were removed for cremation. No one reported hitting or injuring the beaver.

Sightings: Bobcats, a red fox

Several bobcat sightings were reported over the past two weeks. Among them were sightings on Jockey Hollow Road, Williamsburg Drive and Hattertown Road.

In all instances, no  food attractants were found, a sighting report form was completed, species fact sheets provided with common cautions and the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Bobcat project was updated.

A Weathervane Hill Road resident reported seeing a red fox around 5:24 p.m. on Monday, March 9.

A sighting report was completed and site inspection was performed and no food attractants were found. A species fact sheet with common cautions was provided, along with a fact sheet concerning mange and treatment.

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