Animal Reports: A raccoon acts strangely on her deck

A Surrey Lane woman told police a raccoon was acting strange on her deck and at her slider door Wednesday.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said a species fact sheet with common cautions and rabies information was provided, along with harassment and exclusion tips.

A site inspection was performed.

A raccoon in her garbage

A Monroe Turnpike woman reported finding a raccoon inside her garage in the morning of Sunday, Oct. 27.

An officer found the animal and an initial health assessment was conducted. Police said the raccoon appeared healthy. There were no exposures and no rabies testing was required.

The officer removed the raccoon from the trash container and released it on property. Exclusion tips were discussed with the resident to prevent the animal from reentering the trash container.

Bobcat goes to church on Sunday

Bobcat sightings were reported in driveways in the 1400 block of Monroe Turnpike and the 400 block of Hammertown Road on Friday, Oct. 25, and behind The United Methodist Church of Monroe on Cutlers Farm Road, heading north toward the parsonage on Sunday, Oct. 27.

In all three cases, a report form was completed and forwarded to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Bobcat Project. Site inspections were performed and species fact sheets with common cautions were provided.

Beaver debris cleared for storms

Public works cleared beaver dam debris, reopening street culverts in the 400 block of Cutlers Farm Road and the 900 block of Main Street (Route 25) on Wednesday morning as part of rainstorm preparation to avoid flooding.

Site inspections were performed and work orders were completed for Water Level Control Devices with exclusion screens. Both installations are scheduled to be done before there are icing conditions.

The work will be done with permits from Inland Wetlands.

Failure to license

A Knorr Road woman received a $75 fine for failure to license her dog Wednesday, after Monroe Animal Control said she failed to respond to previously issued warnings and notices for two adult dogs on her property.

Connecticut general statutes require people to license their dogs.

Vehicle hits deer

A woman was driving north on Main Street Wednesday evening, when a deer ran into the road and into the front end of her vehicle.

After the collision, the deer, which appeared injured, stood and continued to run across the roadway, heading east, then jumping a guardrail on its way back into the tree line.

An officer searched the immediate area and was unable to locate the animal. A second search was conducted the following morning with negative results.

A state motor vehicle crash report form was completed for vehicle damage. The crash occurred near Swamp Road in Newtown around 6:20 p.m.

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