112th District: The candidates state their case for your vote

The following is the seventh and final part of a series leading up to the special election for the Connecticut General Assembly’s open 112th District seat, representing Monroe and portions of Newtown. Each article will feature one question for the candidates.

MONROE, CT — Residents living in Connecticut’s 112th District have read articles, watched video interviews, heard from the three candidates on WMNR Fine Arts Radio, and there was no shortage of letters from opponents and supporters alike.

Now, with the polls opening in Monroe and Newtown at 6 a.m. this Tuesday, the candidates will use this space to state their case for district residents’ votes.

Republican Tony Scott of Monroe, Democrat Nick Kapoor of Monroe, and Independent Party candidate William “Bill” Furrier of Sandy Hook, answered a series of questions leading up to Election Day. For today’s final question, Scott will go first.

Here’s a last chance to appeal to the voters. Why should people vote for you?

Tony Scott: Monroe and Newtown need an authentic Representative who truly believes that affordability, and stopping the overreach from Democrats in Hartford, is what will allow residents to thrive.

I personally have a vested interest to help get Connecticut back on track with twin 12-year-old daughters currently in the 6th grade. Making Connecticut more affordable will be my driving force behind every key decision I make.

Nick Kapoor: As a life-long resident of Monroe and a decade-long public servant in our town, I want to take our voices to the State Capitol. I have been privileged and honored to have the support of the Monroe electorate and I am asking for it once again. I want to use my experience in the private and public sectors, and leverage relationships I’ve already made in Hartford to get the best for Monroe. I want to continue to give back to our community that has already give me so much.

It’s time we had a representative in Hartford who has a marrow-deep love of Monroe and can give all of us a real “seat at the table” whenever important decisions are being made. I am ready, willing, and able to continue working hard on behalf of the residents of Monroe and very much look forward to being your next state representative.

Please call or text (203-521-4734), email ([email protected]), or reach out on Facebook/Instagram (@NickforCT) if I can ever be of any assistance.

Bill Furrier: I want to advocate for those who want to fully open the state. As a scientist and engineer, I’m highly trained at finding solutions to difficult problems. I’m committed to defending the State Constitution, especially the doctrine of separation of powers, which underpins everything about American Liberty codified into constitutionally limited government, something that has always been universally understood to be the fundamental pillar of the American constitutional jurisprudence, and which lately seems to have been forgotten.

I think this same defense of limited government extends to the municipalities right to home rule through the town charters, which the state must not encroach upon, and which the towns should remain faithful to.

I also strongly oppose unfunded state mandates which have the effect on the municipalities to continuously add fiscal burdens, while at the same time the state reduces other funding causing a double burden. Unfunded mandates are a transfer of burden to the towns and is an egregious policy tool. If the state can’t afford to pay, then it shouldn’t mandate it.

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