Candidate Profile: Nick Kapoor

Nick Kapoor

Nick Kapoor

Age: 33

Address: 109 Meadows End Road, Monroe

Party: Democrat

Running for: Treasurer

Occupation: Mathematics Professor and Associate Director, Center for Academic Excellence at Fairfield University

Government Experience: Chairman – CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, former Monroe Board of Education member, former Monroe Town Council member, former Monroe Board of Ethics Member.

Education: Graduate of St. Joseph’s High School, bachelor’s degree (Mathematics & Political Science) and MBA (Finance) from Sacred Heart University, a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Fairfield University, and a Master’s degree in American Politics & Government from the University of Nebraska – Omaha

Family: Partnered

What makes you the best candidate for town treasurer?

As a lifelong resident of Monroe, I am deeply committed to the financial well-being and equitable growth of our town. I am uniquely qualified for the position of Town Treasurer because of my rich multidimensional experience in finance, policy, education, and community service.

At the core of my professional experience is a deep understanding of financial planning and management. As the Vice President of Operations for my family’s small business – I-Engineering, Inc. – I managed a $7M annual budget, was responsible for projected financial statements and capital budgets, and was the main liaison for all legal items affecting the corporation. This experience gave me firsthand knowledge of managing complex financial systems—skills directly transferable to helping manage the town’s finances.

At I-Engineering, I was also in charge of the company’s investment accounts, working with various banks and financial advisors to get the best return on investment for the company’s assets. Investing the taxpayers’ dollars is a core job function of the Treasurer, one that I would take very seriously to keep the taxpayers’ money safe.

My experience in public service and love for Monroe has driven me to run for various offices in town. I’ve served Monroe as an elected official on both the Town Council and Board of Education. During that time, I reviewed the Town’s $90M budget and developed part-time employee and non-union employee pay structures that our town government continues to utilize. As a member of the Board of Directors and member of the Finance Committee for the Center for Family Justice, I have seen non-profit accounting and finance up close and personally. These experiences have given me a nuanced understanding of the fiscal needs and challenges our community faces.

At Fairfield University, where I serve as a professor in the Mathematics Department and on several committees, I’ve worked with multidisciplinary teams focused on finance, curriculum planning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This demonstrates my ability to work collaboratively, consider multiple perspectives, and make well-informed decisions—a critical skill set for the role of Town Treasurer.

Whether it be running the finances of my family’s small business, working on the town’s budget as a Councilman and Board of Education member, or assisting in the development and implementation of budgets for non-profits and state agencies like the Center for Family Justice and Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, I have developed breadth and depth of various types of financial systems.

I ask for the voters to elect me as Town Treasurer because my unique blend of financial acumen, public service experience, and deep-rooted commitment to Monroe evidences my commitment to our town and its financial success. I am well-equipped to assist in managing the town’s finances responsibly, transparently, and with an eye toward equitable and sustainable growth.

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