Woman claims Coco Nails employee restrained her and her daughter during dispute

MONROE, CT — A Coco Nails employee was arrested after allegedly physically restraining a mother and her 14-year-old daughter during a dispute over payment at the salon, at 483 Monroe Turnpike, Tuesday evening.

The 52-year-old Trumbull woman told police her daughter came to the salon via Uber and received authorization to pay $75 for the service, but then another employee, a 34-year-old woman, told her the cost increased to $80.

The mother drove to the salon to dispute the charge when her daughter received another notification that the charge on her card increased to $85, police said.

The employee kept asking her to sign the receipt, but the daughter refused because she believed she was being overcharged, police said.

When the mother told the female employee to call the police and she told her daughter to go home. That’s when she alleged the employee held her daughter down to prevent her from leaving.

Police said the mother took a photo with her cellphone showing the woman holding the receipt in one hand and restraining her daughter in a chair with a left forearm on her shoulder.

When the mother went to leave, she said the employee blocked the door and called the police.

Officers arrived around 4:33 p.m. and after interviewing the women, charged the employee with second-degree breach of peace. She is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 22.

Police said the dispute over the bill will be settled in civil court.

Two suspects steal mail

A Grist Mill Road woman told police she looked out her window Monday afternoon and saw a small white SUV pull up to her mailbox, before someone reached out and stole the mail.

The SUV was driven across the street, where two suspects got out of the vehicle and switched seats before driving toward Great Ring Road. Police said the woman could not tell what their gender, race or ethnicity is.

Surveillance footage from a neighbor showed a silver or white SUV go by the residence at 1:06 p.m., according to police.

The stolen mail included six checks totaling $572 for bills. The victim and her husband froze their M&T Bank account to prevent the stolen checks from being cashed and police said no money has been lost at this time.

The couple also canceled their checking account.

Earlier that day, police received a complaint about an erratic driver in a white, Mazda CRX with New Jersey plates passing vehicles on Monroe Turnpike, near Elm Street. However, police said they cannot confirm whether it was the same vehicle.

Debit card compromised

A 33-year-old Moose Hill Road man told police his wife lost her debit card and several fraudulent charges were made on it, before the couple discovered it and canceled the card, according to a complaint filed Monday.

The fraudulent charges included a $372 purchase from BestBuy.Com, $127 from Saks Off 5th, $319 from BestBuy.Com and a $25 purchase from Olive Garden. Police said all of the charges were made in the Hartford area.

The couple managed to have the $319 charge refunded and are working on getting other refunds.

The victims were advised to contact the three major credit bureaus. Monroe police detectives are investigating.

A skimming device?

A 54-year-old man told police he believes his debit card information was compromised via a skimming device at an ATM machine he frequently uses at a 7-Eleven in Danbury — though this is not confirmed — before an identity thief went on a spree, withdrawing cash with his Quorum Federal Credit Union account.

On Oct. 16, a $400 withdrawal was made at an ATM machine at Rite Aid pharmacy, 435 Main St., Monroe. Then on Oct. 17, a $103 withdrawal was made at a Bank of America branch in Danbury, police said.

Police said the Monroe purchase was made at 2:40 p.m., while the victim was at work in Hyde Park, N.Y., and store surveillance video shows a white male with a beard, long dark pants and a hooded jacket.

The suspect walked into the Rite Aid, looked at gift cards, then went to the ATM, standing there for about six minutes, before leaving the store, according to the report.

The credit union is investigating the case and told the victim to file police reports with Monroe and Danbury police. Monroe police are conducting an investigation in an attempt to identify the suspect.

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