‘When are we going to stop demonizing each other … ?’

To the Editor:

Recently in The Monroe Sun, three wildly inaccurate and misleading attacks on Nick Kapoor were published and I just can’t let them stand without comment.

The first was an OpEd piece by Nick’s Republican opponent, whose significant promise was that he would “stand up to the Democrats” when he got to Hartford. When are we going to stop demonizing each other with these facile labels? I am much more interested in a legislator who will go to Hartford and actively seek areas of agreement on the vital issues affecting the quality of life in our state. Nick Kapoor is exactly that kind of open-minded legislator.

Patrick O’Hara’s continued this simplistic sloganeering by labeling Kapoor a “tax and spend advocate” and ‘proving’ his point by noting Nick’s support for increases in the Board of Education budget.

One thing you can definitely count on is that Nick Kapoor is a fierce advocate for providing Monroe’s children with the very best education possible. Does the government have a more important job than preparing our children for a successful future?

O’Hara also failed to note that Nick has repeatedly proposed that the entire town budget should be put to a referendum vote, thereby giving the voters the final say in whatever increases (or decreases) there should be in our educational spending. Nick is that kind of legislator, one who believes that the voters must be given the final say on any tax increases.

Finally, there was Lori Friot’s unfair attack on Kapoor. She claims that Nick’s plan for addressing “income inequality” in the state is to take money directly out of the pockets of hard-working, successful people and to give it away to the undeserving poor. This is demonization and fear-mongering at its very best! Friot seems to believe that the economic pie is static and that the only solution to income inequality is to steal her well-deserved slice of the pie and give it away to someone else.

Nick Kapoor is clear that his answer to this problem is to make the pie bigger by ensuring that every Connecticut citizen is given equal opportunities when it comes to both education and job opportunities. Nick is that kind of intelligent legislator.

Friot also petulantly complains that Nick Kapoor “gives some very long-winded responses to very basic yes or no questions.” Is that really a problem? I personally want someone representing me in Hartford who understands the meaning of the word “nuance,” someone who doesn’t rely on “cookie-cutter” responses and simplistic solutions to our very complex problems. Nick Kapoor is precisely that kind of legislator, and he is the man that I want representing me in Hartford.

Jerry Stevens

Monroe, CT


  1. Amen! I was so disappointed to see those wild accusations and vicious attacks. Totally unfounded. Nick’s responses are always intelligent and well-thought out. He’s answered every question people have peppered him with, to the point of badgering him. Meanwhile, those same people don’t ask Tony Scott anything. Quite telling.

  2. Jerry,
    Here are some “facile labels” you used to “demonize” those you disagree with:
    “wildly inaccurate”

    You also characterized those you disagree with as unable to understand the word “nuance.”

    Those on the other side of the aisle don’t listen when the tone is “unify, you idiots!” or “stop demonizing, you demons!” If we want to come together, let’s find common ground.

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